Family program

Each year, NCSU VSA opens up its family program to its members. The family program is similar to the ACE program where you’ll have a mentor figure and mentees. Instead of one on one interactions, you’ll have one or two “parental” figures and siblings. Your family will consist of other members and be your support system throughout your college career. You’ll be able to become closer to the members of VSA as you interact with your family and other families by hosted activities or coordinated activities with your family. This is a program you can apply to at the beginning of the year.

Anh Chi Em

The ACE (Anh Chi Em) program is a program established by VSA that allows our members to partake in a mentoring program. College is a huge transition and a time of growth for everyone’s lives, and it helps to build a strong support network during these tough times. The mentoring program allows you to gain a mentor and a friend that could guide and uplift you through your college career. Think of it as a big and little relationship. They are not just there to mentor you, but be a close friend. You’ll also have the opportunity to mentor someone if you feel like you can offer a helping hand towards someone who may need it.


Here at VSA, there are many opportunities to participate in various sporting events. These events include but are not limited to, field day, intramural sports, as well as the occasional volleyball tournament. A particular event that we are quite proud of is the annual Field Day. It is a collaboration between multiple schools from all across most of North Carolina. This event includes many fun activities such as tug of war, dodgeball, group tag and more. VSA at NCSU is also involved with the sports leagues on campus. We have the volleyball and soccer teams that are a part of the intramural league here at NCSU. VSA offers sports as an outlet to socialize and make new friends with those who share the same interests.

Viet 101

Viet 101 is a biweekly event where people can come gather and learn basic Vietnamese language. This class is designed for all levels of speaking, reading and writing Vietnamese language and it is open to everyone! We encourage people to come because learning the Vietnamese language is a basic component of the culture. It’s a great way to meet new people, we’ve even had guests that weren’t NC State students join us in the past. Announcements are made a week before each class, and each class has a new lesson. It isn’t required to attend every single lesson, so feel free to join whenever possible!